Mini-retreat med Satya og Sahaj 14-16 november 2014


With: Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

The art of Adjustments for teachers
* Healing Yoga *

Date: November 14-16 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 9:00 am -12:30 pm / lunch / 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Price: Nok3500,-

Dakini Dharma Projects and Bodø Yogafestival is very proud to present this workshop in Bodø. Many of you already know Katiza Satya and her teachings, together with Sahaj they convey something very profound of yoga theachings.

About the workshop

Yoga is an Art , the Art of intimacy with our own body-heart -mind where we meet our soul, our essence, our true nature and the magnificence of the Universe. It is in the result of this conscious meeting where we start to experience true alignment with everything inside and outside us, from the most gross to the most subtle, in a effortless effort way. «stirah sukha asanam»

As teachers to be able to give this practices to others we have to find this art in our self first, other wise is like, trying to teach someone music when i can’t play music. Only when we have been able to communicate with the wisdom of our souls we will be able to give something real to our students.

This adjustments workshop will be a immersion into the sacred body, sacred heart, sacred mind, we will give you tools, teach you ways how to listen , how to look, how to feel to find your way to explore within your yoga practice the right alignment, and how to learn to adjust your self so you can communicate with your soul and with your students.

Adjustments are not mechanical ways or tricks to how you should positioned the body to a perfect way, or how it should look, or it should feel, every body is different. It demands an incredible sensitivity and openness to be able to see others and help others to find their right alignment.

We need to keep in mind that we as teachers are just not adjusting people so they don’t hurt them self, that can be a help, but actually we are as teachers inviting them to feel and search deeper into their body intelligence, actually guiding them to awakening their inner «knowing».

Eyes : seeing like Lasers

Touching: Hands of light

Words: Like arrows of Light

and further investigation:

Intention; Buddhi, Awareness Visualization; Feeling; Breath : Prana-Apana

Grounding : Inner -Outer; Opposites : Hatha / Sun and Moon/Female -Male

Mirror; Gravity.


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