Ayurvedisk konsultasjon med Ayurvedisk terapeut Kirsten Drooger

I forbindelse med Yogalærerutdanningen kommer Kirsten Drooger, yogalærer og Ayurvedisk terapeut, til Bodø. Det blir mulighet for konsultasjoner med henne, les mer under.

Dato: fredag 30 august (mellom kl 09.00 og 15.00) og mandag 26 sept (mellom kl 08.00 og 11.00)
Tid: 60 minutter konsultasjon
Pris: 550,- (kontant betaling, kvittering fås ved forespørsel)

For avtale, email info@mindfulyoga.no eller ring/sms 91342228

Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle therapy 

Improve digestion, control weight, reduce stress, increase vitality, improve sleep, and strengthen your immune system.
According to Ayurveda, the right nutrition and lifestyle are the cornerstones of good health. Ayurveda stresses the importance of living a balanced life with the right habits and the proper nutrition. In this ancient ‘science of life’, health means to live in harmony with nature. 
Our inner nature is a reflection of our environment and how we interact with our environment. Physical, mental and emotional harmony is there when the three subtle energies are in harmony. These three subtle forces or ‘doshas’ are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Specific nutrition and lifestyle advices will harmonize Vata, Pitta and Kapha in you.
To arrive at an understanding of your current health, we will have a conversation about your concerns and history. Pulse diagnose will help to get a deeper understanding of your unique body type. Based on this you will get advice to improve your diet and lifestyle, if needed with support of herbal remedies.

Kirsten Drooger

‘Yoga is the magic of the moment’ Having spent most of her childhood years on horseback in nature, Kirsten has found in yoga a new way to connect with nature now that she lives in Amsterdam. Kirsten studied Prana Yoga at the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, and is currently studying Centered Yoga with Dona Holleman.
Kirsten is certified  Ayurvedic therapist, specialized in Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. Kirsten has been teaching yoga in both groups and private sessions for four years now. She invites her students to become aware of repetitive and habitual patterns that cause pain and unbalance. She guides them through the physical body with a creative flow of classical yoga poses while engaging the breath.
With the flow, breath and emphasis on mindfulness Kirsten turns yoga into a moving meditation, encouraging students to open up and let go of restrictive habits.

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