Yogaferie-uke og yogaterapeutisk fordypningsmodul

Mindful Yoga Retreat, Italia

30 mars – 6 april 2013

Jeg underviser Mindful Yoga-retreat en herlig våruke i sør-Italia. Med mulighet for å ta yoga-terapeutisk fordypningsmodul for helsepersonell eller RYT200 yoga-lærere.

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The focus of this week will be on Mindful Yoga, with daily classes of Yin/Yang yoga (calm vs. dynamic), meditation and pranayama. There will also be a half day of silence. Days will start with meditation and breathing exercises, followed by a pleasant sequence of yoga flow to warm up the body. In the afternoon, after a day filled with pure vegetarian food, relaxation at the swimming pool, a walk on the beach or exploration of the surroundings, there will be guided meditation, reflective assignments, yoga philosophy and restorative yoga. At the end of the week you will have a basic knowledge of mindfulness, renewed contact with your inner being, and explored self tolerance and simply ‘being’.

Extra module: therapeutic training programme

For participants working as yoga teachers or in health care Kristin offers an extra module, where you will learn to apply yoga and mindfulness in hospitals or clinics and to special target groups. This module will be held daily from 11:00 – 13:00 hrs, and will include both practice and theory. To participate in this module you must have completed a 200 hrs yoga teacher training or be a certified health practitioner. Participants will receive texts to study before the retreat and there will be an end test and certificate for successful students.

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